ZOMERfestival 2013 | Crew + Fan shirts

ZOMERfestival 2013 | Crew + Fan shirts

TU Delft – Unit S&C, The Netherlands

The ZOMERfestival (SUMMERfestival) of the TU Delft is the end of year celebration of academic, sports and cultural achievements. Students, faculty, staff, friends and guests enjoyed their day and night with live music, arts, dance, and comedy performances of national and international renowned artists and performers in good company of great foods and beverages.

The 2 acre festival area held 5 themed stage areas (indoor and outdoor), a generous food court, 4 beverage bars, several seating areas, grass lawns and a beach sand pit. The festival entertained approximately 4000 attendees.

Project designer
M. Heijmerink, Designer

Date of post
02 april 2013