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We strive for quality and happiness, with respect and acceptation for the environment and others. We strive for the potential of each individual and / or individual project to the ambition of you and us together. This in a mutual respect for each others playing field. With that we think that everything can and will become successful in its own unique way.


The strive for quality is:
- honest
- human
- with respect for our environment and others
- in the quality of design and communications
- in a step by step process
- through form, layout, the use of color
- through details, techtonics, mass and materials
- in working together
- in clearity and in innovation
- with depth and with emotion
- with respect and acceptation
- in happiness, health, sportivity and friendliness
- in the freedom to enjoy, create and love in everyday life

If it's in our personal lives or if it's in our working relationships these values, including the harmony and balance between them, are very important to us.

We work and design to be the best at what we do. We like to creatively and technically challenge ourselfs and being challenged, and we enjoy doing that for the benifit of you and your projects, and our happiness in life.

Working areas

- Architecture
- Graphic Design
- Landscape Design
- Urban Design
- Interior Design
- Branding / City Branding
- Exhibition Design
- Event Design and Management
- Web Design and Application UI Design
- Project Management


We like to help people and we want to do it the best we can. We unfortunately don't have unlimited sponsoring resources. So we made two guidelines to help you in advance in your decision to ask us for sponsoring.

1. Are you a not-for-profit organisation and/or is it a not-for-profit project.
2. We only accept sponsor requests at this time for Graphic Design, Branding and Event Design. This may well change again in the near future.

If your request is okay with both guidelines, we hope to hear from you!
You can send your request to: info [at]

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